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Heart Of Igboju Chapter 7
Legacy Of The Gods: Heart Of Igboju
Chapter 7
With eyes wide and feeling as though time itself had stopped, Keisha, Kwame, and Antonio could only stare in shock as Madame Brigitte came closer and closer.  How could such a fun day turn into a total disaster like this? Why was she doing this?
Gulping, Keisha was the first to jerk herself out of her stupor and look around the large arcade. Smoke was still rising from one of the large video game machines that Brigitte had destroyed. Sparks still jumped and flashed from it. Within moments, the arcade was darkened from the thick smoke. As she continued to look around, she realized with horror that there were still a few people inside the arcade, a few coughing loudly and just about to go into unconsciousness from the smoke.
It was then she understood Kwame’s warning. There was too much at stake here for her to use her powers. The whole place would erupt in a deadly explosion due to the voltage, and people could be hurt...or worse.
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Heart Of Igboju Chapter 6
Legacy Of The Gods: Heart Of Igboju
Chapter 6
For just a little while, Edwin allowed himself to actually have a good time, watching Keisha happily bounce all over the arcade and basically talk his ear off. He had never been in such a situation where everyone was so care-free, so joyous at just being young and having a good time. That certainly wasn’t the case back home in Brazil. From ever since he could remember, everyday in his poor neighborhood was basically a struggle. Because of the poor options of employment and education, there was very little opportunity in his neighborhood, and because of that, people lived desperate lives, sometimes even resorting to going through the junkyard and even  the garbage dump to find something of value, no matter how little.
Edwin had learned very early on that life was hard, and that to sometimes even get a bite to eat, you had to fight those more than twice the size of you.….and fight very hard. Many times he had come home with b
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Heart Of Igboju Chapter 5
Legacy Of The Gods: Heart Of Igboju
Chapter 5
ln a black, shiny castle, hidden deep within the Ile-Ife, the Orisha of Nightmares and Guilt sat upon his large thrown made of skulls and bones, an annoyed look on his handsome yet intimidating face. His eyes, resembling a snake’s with the pupils going vertical, glowed a soft green as he furrowed in brow and rubbed his chin with a large hand. From his fingers grew long, sharp claws, as well as on his bare feet.
His skin had a green shine to it, due to the fact that his very muscular arms and chest had reptile-like scales coming up and down. As he crossed legs, muscles rippled beneath his scaly skin, giving him a lithe look, like he was about to pounce on an opponent at any moment. In all, anyone seeing him at that moment would swear he was the perfect combination of man, snake, and dragon, and that none would be brave or smart enough to face him.
But none of that mattered to him as he continued to rub his short goatee on his chin, con
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Heart Of Igboju Chapter 4
Legacy Of The Gods: Heart Of Igboju
Chapter 4
As quickly as she could, young Maybelle hurried around her modest-sized bedroom, trying to clean up before her mother came home from another long night at work. In her heart, she didn’t want to just leave without a least welcoming her mother home with a decent breakfast...sometimes lunch, but it couldn’t be helped. Billie had called her yesterday after school and insisted that she and the other meet up at her house for an emergency meeting, and it had to do with the Yoruba gods and the possibility of a new enemy. At that news, the Jamaican girl’s heart sank. More enemies? Didn’t they defeat Samedi and Shapona? Wasn’t peace restored?
Maybelle was just getting accustomed to her new life here in America...with a new school, new friends, and hopefully, someday...a new boyfriend. As she was putting away some shoes, she blushed just a bit when she thought about the half-Latino boy Antonio. Over the past few months si
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Heart Of Igboju chapter 3
Legacy Of The Gods: Heart of Igboju
Chapter 3
As the thick, powerful mist of fog and spirits surrounded Billie, dread and hopelessness filled her. Nothing in her life could ever have prepared her for this, not even during her battles with Baron Samedi! After everything she and her friends had been through, this was how it was going to end. With tears streaming down and her heart thundering against her chest, the dark-skinned girl thought about her parents….how would they understand what happened here? Who would tell them? All her hopes, all her dreams suddenly seemed to dash into a thousand pieces as she knew this was her last moment alive.
In her heart, Billie knew that Keisha was thinking the same thing. She could hear the other girl screaming from the depths of her soul, just as she herself was. Why was this happening? Who was this strange woman and why was she so intent on killing them? What could they have done to her? Billie didn’t have a clue, but she did know that i
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Heart Of Igboju chapter 2
Legacy Of The Gods: Heart Of Igboju
Chapter 2
Like many times before, like on any other day, the bell signaling the end of 3rd period for the well-known De La Salle High School rang loud and clear, echoing across all the halls. Almost immediately the doors to the classrooms opened and students poured out. Many yawned, still tired from having to get up so early in the morning, while others hurried off, eager to get the morning over and done with. A few minutes later, the halls began to thin as everyone quickly rushed up stairs or hurried along the halls to their next class.
Sighing, Keisha decided it was then that she would brave going out into the hall, hoping to avoid any more curious stares and smart remarks. Although it wasn’t as bad as when she first started this school,  the bullying, the weird looks were still present, causing her to feel so self-conscious about her looks and intelligence. No one could barely believe despite her very pale skin, light eyes, and blonde h
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Legacy Of The Gods: Heart of Igboju Soundtrack
                     Legacy Of The Gods: Heart Of Igboju Soundtrack
They Don't Know - Performed by Arianna Grande, single from the movie "Trolls" - What a totally adorable and catchy song! I love Arianna's voice and this is just perfect for the story, especially Hazlynn. Adorable.
Shooting Star - Performed by The Math Club, single from the movie "Barbie: Starlight Adventure" - Very inspirational strong and I know it fits perfectly with Keisha. I love how it talks about never giving up on yourself. :aww:
Siempre Brillaras - Performed by Martina Stoessell - What and adorable song, in English or Spanish. :D I love the positive message in this and I know it fits Maybelle perfectly. Sweet.
Play That Song - Performed by Train - This adorable song was something I couldn't resist. It's so catchy and full and joy and soul, like Kwame.
Look Book - Performed
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Heart Of Igboju chapter 1
Legacy Of The Gods: Heart Of Igboju
Chapter 1
Gates Of Prayer Cemetery #2,
New Orleans, Louisiana:
In the old and world-famous city of New Orleans, clocks all around in homes, buildings, and churches struck together at the same time on midnight. Velvet blackness covered the large city as above, the stars shone like they have for untold years. Silence surrounded the city as well, leaving it still and almost motionless except for a few cars and vans driving up and down lonely streets. A few bats flew by overhead, searching for tasty insects to dine on. The half moon was large and shined the most brilliant overhead, as though proclaiming itself protector of the centuries old city.
But if anyone was there that moment, he wouldn’t be fascinated by the calm, dark silence of midnight…..instead, he would be staring in awe at the fog that suddenly appeared and surrounded the old cemetery. The white, whispery smoke snaked its way over tombstones, mausoleums and white, marbled tombs o
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Priestess Hattie :iconcaribbeanrose9:CaribbeanRose9 6 9
Legacy Of The Gods Book II preview
The Battle continues….
In a modest home in the fabled and beloved city of New Orleans, a young, dark-skinned girl lays struggling in her bed. Sweat poured down her face as she breathed hard and her hands tensed as she clutched her bedsheets. Her head shook from side to side, as though willing whatever she was seeing in her mind to go away and never return again. But as the bright, nearly enormous full moon shined down on the centuries old city, not even it could sooth her as it showered her in its bright beam through her open window.
Young Billie McKnight continued to pant hard and struggle in her bed, but try as hard as she might, the images, the feeling of fear and desperation wouldn’t leave her. A strangled cry escaped her lips, and with a sob, she could only succumb to the terrifying dream that was haunting her mind:
In her mind, Billie was running…running faster than
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Legacy Epilogue
Legacy Of The Gods: Blood Ties
Kindred Hospital, New Orleans;
Sighing, Dante sat in the comfortable chair besides his grandmother’s bed, watching all the machines monitor the older woman’s vital signs.  From what the doctors have said, there was no real sign of improvement, yet…but at least she’s not any worse. That was a good sign. The fact that she was not deteriorating gave them hope that she would get better.
That was the best news the young man had heard in a long time. He sighed again and sat back, thinking about how close they were to being defeated by Samedi and Shapona. Was it just luck that they made it? What if another battle came? Would they have the strength, the will to fight again? Dante certainly hoped so. When the gods assured them that it would be unlikely Samedi or Shapona would return, he was relieved beyond anything.
But then there was a nagging feeling in the back of his head. What if all of this wasn’t over? What if the
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Legacy Of The Gods Chapter 23
Legacy Of The Gods: Blood Ties
Chapter 23
With their eyes wide and bodies tense, Hazelynn and the others watched as Shapona seethed in rage, gathering his powers. His muscular chest heaved with every deep breath he took, while a black, smokey cloud continued surrounding his tall body.
“W..what’s he doing?” Hazelynn asked nervously, backing up just slightly.
Kwame was the first to realize what the Sickness God was up to and he turned to give the others a panicked look. “He’s going to try and infect everything! We have to stop him!”
He then looked around at the few people in the background, still curious and staring to see what was going on and how it would end. These were innocent people; there was no way he could allow them to be harmed!  He balled his dark hands into fists and nodded, ready to do whatever it took to defend the people and his second home.
Hazelynn and Antonio nodded back, but before either of them could say anything else, Shapon
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Legacy Of The Gods Chapter 22
Legacy Of The Gods: Blood Ties
Chapter 22
As the trio continued to walk down the lively and world-renowned neighborhood, Kwame wracked his brain trying to find some way to engage in conversation with the light-skinned girl, Hazelynn. He was totally striking out! He mentally slapped himself as he sighed. How could he even begin to think she would be interested in him? She had all the boys she wanted, she could choose any of them to go out with. So what made him think he had a chance? Still, something in him told him he shouldn’t give up. She was actually softening up to him….just a little though. She no longer rolled her eyes every time he said something or looked at her, and he actually caught her giving a soft smile whenever he gave an off-handed joke…but she would hide it so quickly, Kwame could have sworn it could have been just his imagination and wishful thinking.
But it wasn’t just that…the Nigerian boy could also see a hint of loneliness in the slig
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Legacy Of The Gods Chapter 21
Legacy Of The Gods: Blood Ties
Chapter 21
Apprehension raced through Billie as she and the others walked through the magnificent and famous city. Everywhere she looked people were hurrying to and fro, laughing and chatting. People sat in outside booths and tables drinking coffee and tasting the authentic Creole cuisine that soon made her stomach rumble and growl. Classic Jazz music like the ones she heard her mother listen to growing up sauntered from clubs and music stores as they passed by. Off in the distance, the St. Louis Cathedral shined brilliantly in the sun.
But the dark-skinned girl sighed and forced herself to focus on what they were doing here. Before coming here, she and the others had discovered that Baron Samedi had a traitor working with him, hoping to topple the human world….and possibly the gods’ world of the Ile-Ife itself. No one had any idea who the traitor was, but Billie suspected whoever it was, he had something to do with what happened to Dante
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Beach time fun! :iconcaribbeanrose9:CaribbeanRose9 12 0
Legacy Of The Gods Chapter 20
Legacy Of The Gods: Blood Ties
Chapter 20
Taking a deep breath, Billie watched as the gods stepped closer to them, their faces showing hope and determination. Looking at them, she knew what they were thinking; something had to be done to stop Baron Samedi, because if not…the attacks will just keep coming, and people in this world-famous city will be hurt, or worse. The evil Loa god was determined in his mission, and what’s worse, he had help. There was a betrayal that nearly rocked the gods to their core, and they hoped to find the one soon.
But for now, the most important thing is to make sure they were prepared for Samedi the next time he attacks. Billie knew that all their powers and strengths were so new to them. What if they weren’t enough? What if Samedi came up with a new plan to turn their powers against them? Anything could go wrong, and Billie certainly didn’t want Samedi to have a chance to destroy them. She had such dreams, such hopes for her future
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Hoshino Ai
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Reading, PA...but originally from NYC (The Bronx, baby!)
Favourite genre of music: Reggae, Calypso, and some hip hop. But I HATE rap! >_<
Favourite photographer: None. *shrugs*
Favourite style of art: Classical and tradional
Operating System: Windows X P
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Shell?
Wallpaper of choice: Traditonal
Skin of choice: Regular. ^^'
Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Venus!!
Personal Quote: "Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. Always be true"
Hey everyone, it's me again. :wave: Well, another year has come and gone and so much has changed in the world. Some for the better, some for the worse. But that's life, isn't it? We have to take the bad with the good. Wish it wasn't so, but it is what it is. I hope everyone had a fantastic St. Valentine's with your husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends. But remember too, Valentine's isn't just about romantic life, but it also represent love in all forms, such as between friends and families. Just because a form of love isn't romantic doesn't mean it's not valid. Friends can love each other very much, just as a mother can truly love her child, or even siblings loving each other. So yeah, Valentine's is for ALL love. ^^ Well, as for me, nothing much new. Believe me, I know how boring my journals can be. I wish I could write exciting journals about going on vacation to different states or even countries or meeting someone romantically like some members do here, but I definitely don't have the money or the connections to do awesome stuff like that. ^^; I used to do movie reviews, but that got tedious as well. So for now, it's jut me, and I hope that's enough. :shrug:

Speaking of which, there is something I've been thinking about for a long while and I can't believe I'm even contemplating this. I'm thinking about moving my stories to websites that are specifically for writing and aspiring authors. After thinking long and hard, I realize I'm just not getting the feedback, comments, or support I need to give myself the confidence or motivation to keep writing. With the low feedback I'm getting, it just feels like people are ignoring or just not bothering to read and give comments. Yeah, I understand that many members here are high schoolers or college students so there isn't much time on the internet because of schoolwork. I get it. But I'm also under the impression that unless you write a certain type or story, or you draw certain types of arts, no one here is going to pay you any attention. Many members here...especially the younger, high school ones...mostly care about what's "popular" and what's "cool" in anime, movies, or books. Even games. And even then, it's only certain characters that they deemed "SO CUUUUTE!" and living alternative lifestyles. Yes, I mean gay characters. Those have only been popular and raved after for years here and to be's a little daunting and intimidating. Now please don't write me and tell me I'm "intolerant" or that I'm a "homophobe" like so many of those rabid yaoi fangirls like to yell at people if they don't agree with them and their obsessions. That's not what this is about. I'm making an observation, that is all. I've seen so many wonderful, amazing art and literature here and that brought me to tears, made me cheer, but they are hardly commented on or acknowledge because it's not yaoi or have original characters. Then I've seen art and stories that aren't so great, but they have tons and tons of comments because it's yaoi or yuri and "SOOOOO CUUUUTE!", or art that features engorged, ultra fat girls. What the heck is that about? :O_o: That makes me feel so bad for the artists and authors of these original or "hetero" stories because they're good, they're really good, but they get no support. I know how those artists feel because I'm going through it. It's cruel and very demoralizing. So now, I'm very carefully thinking of moving my stories to sites that offer support, that offer feedback to authors who are struggling for some type of encouragement. I do have a couple of options, but again, it's something I have to carefully think about. If I do, I won't completely leave Deviant Art. Despite the pitfalls of snobby, "I'm holier than you so I'm not going to respond to your comments!" artists, I made some amazing friends here and I don't want to leave them. But time will tell.

Anyway, despite that, I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! I've always loved how it ushers in the Spring season and makes everyone look forward to warmer weather. Next up is my favorite holiday of all....Easter. :aww: Okay, that's about it with me. Like I said before, nothing much new to report. There hardly ever is. :faint: I'm still looking for artists who are willing to do commissions and and requests. Please note me for descriptions of my characters. I'd be more than grateful. :thanks: Take care all! :w00t!:
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I am happy that everything goes well for you.  :) Even if life has ups and downs, as you said, the best thing a person can do is to be grateful. 
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It's quite alright, really. :aww: I very much understand that life gets so busy. Thank you for writing to me when you can. I'm glad you can relax now. :aww: Things are pretty much the same. I'm thinking about moving my stories from here to another website dedicated to writers. I'm not getting the feedback or support I need here on Deviant Art. But we'll see. Yes, I am grateful and I always remind myself of that. I hope all is going well with you. Please write back soon. :huggle:
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